by DeCenter
Monee is the easiest way to set up your Ethereum wallet and start receiving and sending ether or any other ERC20 tokens
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Main features
Monee is available anywhere your Telegram account is
To start using your wallet takes only few seconds – choose your password and we’ll do the rest
Telegram is the most secure messenger in the world. Combine it with Ethereum blockchain and you get best solution to host your wallet
You can send funds to any Telegram user, just type his @username or phone number (International format, +). And of course you can send to regular ether-address.
Our inline-function allow you to send ether to friends right in the chat – start typing @moneebot and then the sum
When you send funds to the users who are not in Monee yet, our escrow smart contract holds them till people register. That’s the easiest way you can move ether and tokens on the market!
Some beta-users are able to cut the lines in ICO by sending ether to our smart contract, which participates in offerings the first seconds they begin (by time or block number). Available for everyone this autumn
Monee tokens
For every 1 ether you hold in your wallet we will start adding 1 MON a week. This is what we call Proof-of-Funds mining. Available for everyone this autumn
How does Monee work?
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Frequently Asked Questions